Safeguard your business continuity

The fact that a company's core, mission critical systems are dependent on licenced software implies great operational risk; the business continuity considerations associated with this risk are a major concern for not just the CIO but all South African Directors and Officers. And, with the advent of King III, increased emphasis on adhering to corporate governance requirements involves additional accountability for the CEO. For both, Active Escrow is not a nice-to-have, it's a business necessity.

Technology users

As a licensee, you trust your supplier to provide support
and maintenance for your applications. This dependence represents a significant risk, particularly where business-critical applications are concerned. As Trusted Third Party, we can help you to eliminate these risks with an escrow arrangement.

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Technology suppliers

The most important issues for software users are security and continuity. It can be of great comfort for your clients to know that you have taken extensive measures to safeguard their interests. You can use an individual Escrow contract or a frame-agreement to offer your clients additional security.

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As an auditor, lawyer, risk practitioner or procurement specialist, you protect the legal and/or economic interests of your clients. Combining legal know-how with technical expertise, Escrow Europe can help you. We work together with many reputable offices in this specific field.

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